Ok...so here's what happened! I proposed! She said yes! Now, we're engaged to be married! It's actually much more detailed than that, but it would take up many, many, many long lines in here. Plus...NOBODY likes to read run-on sentences! So, if you want more details than...a surprise date and a helicopter ride, a love note, then the diamond ring..." you'll have to ask one of us in person. We'd love to tell you how it all went down!

By the way...We're getting married on July 16th, 2008 in the Salt Lake City Temple. Our reception is that same night in Hooper at the house of Kerry and Tami Sparks for everyone in Utah. If you're in Virginia, don't worry, you'll get your chance too! That day will come on August 16th, 2008 at the home of Steve and Heidi Hilton! We'd love to see you at either (or both). If you need more info just contact me at 801-310-4722!!! Peace!



Breaking Old Habits

Since the age of 13 I've been biting my fingernails. It's not a terribly bad habit, but it's one that I've worked on over and over again in the past to break. Well, this past month I haven't bitten or chewed off a single one! It's amazing what an awesome girlfriend can do. I don't feel the need to be biting my nails anymore because my anxiety levels are way down. Let me tell you, if you don't have an awesome girlfriend like mine, you need to stop reading right now and go get one. Go on now! Get!

Ok, now that you're back and you've got your super awesome girlfriend, pay close attention and you'll soon find that without even thinking about it you've already started breaking old habits! For those of you who have already found out how to transform from the plain old "best you can be" into your new "super-self", welcome me to the club; I'm an official member!

Stephanie Sparks, you are amazing! ;)

PS "Silence mooortals..." There shall be no snide remarks from the peanut gallery! ... I heard that!


My Brother 'Raw-B'

R....Rediculously good looking!
A....Always on top of his game!
W...Willing to search for truth!
B....Better believe it!

Robert Lyle Hilton, born on January 28th, 1984 is the 4th of six sons born to Steven Lyle Hilton and Heidi Echo Firl (Hilton). This man is amazing! Not only that...he's MY brother!

The 'R' is the first letter you see because the first thing you'll notice about him is that he's "rediculously good- looking". He's always seemed to attract a wide variety of people with his ear to ear smile, and the guy has a great sense of humor too! Can't top that.

The 'A' is there next because he is "always on top of his game". Academically speaking, you can't touch him! I've seen him study for hours on end to memorize countless pieces of random information for his course of study. Why he likes physics and chemistry?....I don't know, but he does, and he's darn good at it! Let me also mention he scored in the 96th percentile on the DAT (not an easy test folks) and got invited to be interviewed by every worthy dental school across the nation.

The 'W' represents him being "willing to search for truth." One of the things I love about Rob is that I can always trust his that his point of view as to what is true and what is not true is nearly impeccable. He is very intellectually sound in his thought process. He could 'pick at the brain' of any renowned scientist and still consider him to be just another guy. Rob will not take your word for it, unless of course you've earned his trust! He will seek out the truth and won't stop until he gets it. If you wanna have a deep conversation with bouts of light humor...he is your man!

The 'B' is actually for you!!!. You "BETTER BELIEVE IT"!!! My brother Raw-b; this guy has got it going on!!!

Love you Rob. Happy Birthday! -Kirk


For the Beauty of the Earth

The following experience happened to me several months ago:

I can't remember where I was coming from exactly but I remember being in my car traveling southbound in front of the Provo Temple. I noticed out of the corner of my left eye that on the other side of the road a trash can had been knocked over or had fallen on its side. Paper, cardboard, food and all sorts of "fun stuff" had been scattered at least 50 feet down the sidewalk and road by the wind. It was ALL OVER THE PLACE! The front yard of the house it was in front of was pretty bad too (let me pause for a second to just say that I'm not a tree hugging flower boy, but this was a bit much for me to pass by and pretend I didn't see.) I flipped a U turn at the light in front of the Creamery on 9th and headed back several hundred feet. It took me about 10 minutes to gather it up and put it back in it's place. When I got down to the last few pieces of paper I noticed that I was picking up pages from someone's old sheet-music. I didn't look to see what song it was because just as I reached down to pick it up I noticed I was being watched by someone. She wasn't exactly giving me the 'pleasant smile' kind of look and was probably wondering why I was picking up pieces of paper in her front yard (bum!). I just kinda half way smiled and said, "the wind must have blown the trash can over and it was all over the place so I thought I'd stop and clean it up." She thanked me, got in her car and went on her way. As I lifted the lid to the trash can to put the last of it in I saw the words to the song on these two pages and the name in the lower left hand corner. TRUE STORY!!!


Baby Ruth

A bit of trivia.

For whom is the Baby Ruth candy bar named?

A. Babe Ruth
B. Ruth Chris
C. Ruth Cleveland
D. Roger Ruth

The correct answer is "C", Ruth Cleveland. Baby Ruth was named after the first child born in the White House. Ruth was born to President Grover Cleveland in 1891 and died in 1904.



Who knows? But it's time to be ready! I went to hear President Eyring today and he gave some specific counsel and advice to a very general audience. Are you doing what you should be? Who knows? Only you. Follow this link, it's interesting. http://news.aol.com/world -Kirk.

PS. I'm not going to be posting so much in the near future. -Ciao